How Much Should You Pay For Office Cleaning?

Getting an office cleaning price point that is in line with what you are paying for can be a tall order. Not only is the office cleaning company market a crowded one, but many of these companies aren’t experienced enough to accurately price their services. hard as they may try, they don’t even know what they don’t know yet. Second, many commercial cleaning companies will lowball their bid for your contract and then slam you with upcharges and hidden fees, finally, for an office cleaning company to give a well-informed quote in an RFP (request for proposal), you as the facility manager need to give them good information about your specific requirements to work off of.

Giving Your Commercial Cleaning Company Good Intel

The best office cleaning bids or responses to an RFP start with good communication. So, what information should you be providing? First, you are going to want to provide accurate numbers on the square footage, and not only total footage but the footage is broken down by different types of flooring. Each type of floor has its own needs and can significantly change your price point. Similarly, you should also provide an estimate of the number of people that work in and pass through your facility. This will give your prospective office cleaning company an idea of how much cleaning your facility will likely need as well as a rough count on the number of consumables items like toilet paper, paper towels, and trash can liners needed to keep your facility adequately stacked.

Walkthroughs Are Key To Accurate Office Cleaning Pricing

If your prospective office cleaning services provide a quote without doing a site visit, you should be concerned. A site visit will help you pin down aspects of your facility’s cleaning that you may not have thought to bring up before. Further, a site inspection can help you to identify smart cleaning, do more with less, as well keep you on budget and your facility on track. Finally, the site inspection isn’t just an opportunity for your prospective Diab’s cleaning company to learn about you, it will provide valuable insight into how they plan to handle your account and gives you a chance to ask specific questions that will help you select a future partner in your facility maintenance.

Communicate Your Pain Points to Prospective Office Cleaners

No one wants to relive past cleaning company drama or dwell on what wasn’t working, but make sure you tell your prospective commercial cleaning companies you are seriously considering contracting with your pain points. Most experienced, professional companies can put their years of experience to work and come up with real, workable solutions to whatever problems were thorns on your side. Similarly, if your last cleaning service provider seemed to have a revolving door of employees due to high cleaning staff turnover, tell them, to take advantage of this opportunity and see how your future partner addresses these issues (hopefully) differently. Finally, if your prospective office cleaning company knows what’s important to you, they can work proactively to address it.

Get The Most Out of Your Cleaning Service Even with a Tight Budget

Facilities with nearly unworkable budgets for office cleaning are commonplace in our industry. While cleaning will never be easy or optimal with this type of budget, an experienced cleaning company does know how to do more with less and at the very least make deep cuts liveable in the short term. Through a site inspection and careful analysis, we can create a cleaning plan that will meet your facility needs and fine tune so that your employees and customers barely notice a shift in service. Ideally, we would all love to have a meaty budget that addresses all facility needs at an optimal level but, unfortunately, sometimes life has different plans. But rest assured, the right office cleaning company can work with you to get your facility cleaned even with tight budgets. Don’t labour under the impression, however, that every company can do this for you. Only the most experienced can take advantage of innovation and extensive knowledge to trim work in areas that won’t negatively impact the cleaning of your facility or your facility reputation.

Communication Is Essential

Marriage counsellors and business managers alike agree communication is key. Take, for example, your office vacuuming, if you communicate to your building occupants that it takes place every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday the odds are you won’t receive an irritating call on Tuesday complaining about a lack of service. Likewise, by clearly communicating a reduction in cleaning service as a result of specific cuts to help with budgeting, the better said cuts will go over, finally, as a facility manager, consult with your office cleaning company and building occupants to target specific areas of the building that need to get cleaned and the areas that are most important to your employees.

Reduced Budgets Don’t Mean You Have to Settle

If your facility is getting dirty to the point that complaints are piling up, your budget optimization is either not working or it is too far gone to help your facility. To get the most out of a slashed cleaning budget, talk with your office cleaning staff often to set out a plan with realistic goals. The key to doing more with less is Smart cleaning as it takes thought and planning for a commercial cleaning company to use their resources in a way to help you get the best value for your dollar. A commercial cleaning company does exist that will work with you to come up with a smart clean plan and deliver on their promises to you. With a little finesse and due diligence, you can come up with a work schedule that works for your facility and a drastically cut budget.

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