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Construction Cleaning Sydney

Looking for post construction cleaning for your office buildings cleaning or high rise buildings in Sydney? Diab’s Cleaning Services specializes in construction cleaning services that can address all those hard-to-clean areas after building work is completed. Our hourly-based building cleaning site services will allow you to prioritise the tasks and customize the services as per your needs. You can combine construction cleaning with commercial window cleaning to get sparkling windows inside and out.

Construction Cleaning

The Best Building Site Cleaning Sydney NSW

Are you renovating or constructing your residence or office space in Sydney and have a lot of mess that can take several days to clean up? Diab’s can help you. Our construction cleaning team target areas that are heavily soiled and remove dust and debris from all the areas of your building. To ensure no harm on their bodies, our crew uses specialized equipment that will aid in the safe and efficient cleaning of your newly constructed spaces.

The following tasks are carried out for After Builders Cleaning Sydney, but it’s not limited.

  • All surfaces will be dusted and polished. Furniture, doors, door frames, kitchen benchtops, staircase railings, skirting, etc.
  • Our cleaners clean floorings, walls, ceilings, light switches, sockets, and remove paint residuals.
  • Hard floors will be vacuumed and mopped with high-quality cleaning agents. To clean largely built commercial properties or high rise office spaces, we use specialized cleaning equipment.
  • If your house is fully furnished, we vacuum clean carpet and soft furniture, upholstery. We wipe down cupboards, wardrobes, drawers Glass panels and windows are spot cleaned and polished.
  • Bathroom, shower area and toilet will be sanitized and disinfected.

Upon request, we can clean individual rooms and specific areas at your home or business property. All our builders cleaning professionals in Sydney are experienced in removing post construction and renovation dust and pay attention to clean even the smallest speck of paint on your window or glass.

If you’re looking for after renovation cleaning or after builders cleaning in Sydney for your new office space, hire our professionals. We customize the cleaning services to suit your building.

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