Don’t Let Your Medical Office Cleaning Service Making You Sick

Don’t Let Your Medical Office Cleaning Service Making You Sick

The progression of healthcare changes in this modern era is unprecedented, and your medical cleaning company needs to keep up. As new knowledge cleanliness, infection, patient satisfaction comes to the forefront, it is critical that your medical office cleaning services adapts with it. It may not seem obvious at first, but your medical cleaning service plays a critical role in your patient’s safety. The concern about getting sick in a hospital is just as relevant as ever, specially with the high volumes of sick patients that many hospitals take in a daily basis. Not to mention newer, antibiotic resistant viruses, bacteria, and fungus like candida Auris which preys on people with weakened immune systems. If you are a facility manager of any type of clinic, surgical centre, hospital, or other general care facility, having the right medical centre cleaning service is critical to keeping your patients and staff safe. Effective healthcare cleaning services set a solid foundation from which to elevate patient care.

Not Every Medical Centre Cleaning Service Is Fit to Do the Job

With medical cleaning, there is simply too much at stake to leave it to amateurs. If your commercial cleaning company is not on top of the cutting-edge advances in their industry, you, your staff, and patients are all at risk. Unlike other industries you cannot have a subpar cleaning service in your facility. While reputation is important in every industry, no where else is patient/consumer perception of cleanliness as important. Literally it can be a matter of life or death. Any, medical specialty requires extensive training, experience, knowledge, and a drive to succeed, your medical cleaning service needs the benefit of the same levels of know how. All too often we see commercial cleaning companies that have had some success in general cleaning and think they are ready to become medical cleaners. If your if your medical cleaning company can’t clearly demonstrate their industry relevant training, Knowledge, and experience along side with the respective accreditation, you should not risk your facility’s health and reputation. Failure to do your due diligence can have disastrous results.

Medical Centre Housekeeping Is Far More Than What Lies on The Surface

Cleaning hospitals and healthcare facilities isn’t a simple task. Healthcare is its own risks, compliance and regulatory concerns and requires the utmost care with safety. You can’t take risks with medical cleaning; when your company doesn’t have the experience or the ability to keep up with the industry, there is a potential for harm to your patients, staff, and anyone that comes into contact with your facility. Medicine and the healthcare industry has made huge strides in care over the years, in fact, the advances have been exponential raising life span and increasing the potential for elevated quality of life for many. As such, the supporting industries need to advance with them, it may seem trivial, but HAIs, healthcare acquired infections causes nearly two million of cases of infections a year, nearly a third of such infections can be directly traced back to poor facility cleaning. This says nothing of the flu season, it is nearly impossible to determine how many cases of the flu are contracted yearly at hospitals because of the lack of adequate hospital cleaning. All too often general cleaning companies rather than experienced medical cleaning professionals don’t realise that their cleaning needs to go deeper than what lies on the surface. Sure your counters look clean, but you run the enormous risk of spreading virulent illness all over your building if they are not properly disinfected. Cleaning is not just what you can see on the surface, especially in a medical setting. If cleaning isn’t taken seriously and done effectively, people are going to get sick, and you will be met with some catastrophic outcomes that were avoidable with effective cleaning and maintenance.

Compliance And Regulations Are Key

We’ve put a heavy emphasis on why cleaning for health is critical in your facility, but this isn’t diminishing the importance of making sure your facility looks clean, effective medical cleaning must impart a deep clean eradicating disease causing germs where they lie and assure your facility looks clean and welcoming. As you are likely aware, HCAHPS is responsible for keeping track of customer satisfaction and approval and it directly affects you and your facility. Your medical facility cleaning services need to know how to clean for both health and appearance, anything less and you are not getting the value and assurances you and your facility deserves.

How To Gauge Your Prospective Sydney Medical Cleaning Company’s Competency
Here are some quick questions to gauge the competency of your prospective medical office cleaning companies: Do they know the difference between clean, disinfected, sterile and aseptic? Can they explain the core differences between application, usages, and various products that they plan to use around your facility such as sanitizers, detergents, virucides, and disinfectants among others? Aseptic cleaning for instance, is used in a number of different clinical conditions to help reduce the spread of disease and other infection causing pathogens. In any hospital, techniques like this require specific training and experience to master. Understanding the difference between critical and non-critical cleaning, correct product usage, dwell times, product descriptions, protective equipment and disinfection protocol can be the difference between life and death. Your medical cleaning service provider should be using the correct equipment. Without commercial hospital grade cleaning EPA-approved disinfectant products used on touch points and hot spots with the correct dwell times, you aren’t going to get the results you need. The danger of healthcare associated infections is so prevalent that it has its own techniques to help address. Terminal cleaning is used to target and immediately reduce bacterial and pathogenic load on high-touch surfaces such as door handles, computer terminals, tables, remotes, rails, and other frequently used, high traffic items. Every aspect of the medical cleaning industry has a proven science backing it. Is your medical cleaning company aware of them?

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